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“put condom on”

“I never had any formal sex education until freshman orientation at my small southern liberal arts college. All incoming students were required to attend the session. I don’t remember everything that was discussed, but it was led by a very open, outgoing, and frank counselor who was well-loved on campus. One activity was about the necessary steps in having sex with a condom. 8-10 volunteers were given cards that contained different steps of the process, things like “ejaculate,” “thrusting,” “foreplay,” “take condom off,” “penis gets hard,” “put condom on,” etc, and the students had to arrange themselves so the steps were in the correct order. While now it seems silly and obvious, I remember at the time, some of it was definitely new information.”


STD day

Besides the previously mentioned share-your-liquid presentation in 8th grade, the only other sex-related education I remember getting in school was “STD day”.

I think it was in 10th grade (does someone remember?), and all the 9th and 10th graders had to meet in the auditorium.  A doctor (I think someone’s dad) gave a slideshow presentation of pictures of STDs–image after close-up, detailed image of infected body parts.

If there was an acompanying speech about not having sex, I do not remember it. The only outcome I recall from this presentation was the inability to eat cauliflower for days – and then reminding friends about the cauliflower reference to continue to the gross out factor.  (You’re welcome, Internet, for that image).


Did you get it?

In the private school I attended, there was no “family life education” found in many public schools. We learned about the reproductive system in biology (in one class, I heard there was a very detailed video, maybe called The Miracle of Life).

In 8th grade, a group of high school students who were members of a group called STARS (I think) came and gave a presentation.  A group of us was herded in the common room. One of the STARS guy talked to us about why he was going to wait.  Sex was not discussed explicitly and I remember being somewhat confused about what was going on and why we were there. After some talks, they instructed us in a commonly-used group activity.

We each got a small plastic cup with liquid. We were told to walk around and share liquid with 3 other people in the room (pouring some of our liquid in someone’s cup and then that person pouring some back in ours).  Then, we were told that one person started with a cup that had something added to it. The activity leader went down the line adding a reactive agent to each cup.  Liquid began changing from clear to pinkish red.  The leader concluded by saying this is how easy STDs spread.


I heard of this activity being done in a high school (where I was working) and one astute student requested some plastic wrap to cover her cup. Her request was denied.


How I learned about sex…

I was in 3rd grade and my mom called me into my parents’ bedroom. She said she had a video for me to watch, and that afterwards, I could ask her any questions I wanted.  She put the tape in the VCR and left the room, closing the door behind her.  It was a cartoon, but I didn’t figure out at first what it was about.

How I remember it: A man and a woman (skinny, tall) in a bath tub covered in bubbles.  They stood up and the bubbles were blown off the various body parts with a narrator explaining each part (these are breasts, this is a vagina, this is a penis). Then, the narrator described the action of two cats rubbing together, and there were two gray cats, rubbing against each other.

And that was sex– although at the time I do not think I knew what I had just seen. There was more in the video, but those are the two things I remember vividly.

I stopped and rewound the video and left my parents bedroom. My mom might asked when she saw me later if I had any questions, and I am sure I said no.  I went on with my 8 year old life as usual.