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“put condom on”

“I never had any formal sex education until freshman orientation at my small southern liberal arts college. All incoming students were required to attend the session. I don’t remember everything that was discussed, but it was led by a very open, outgoing, and frank counselor who was well-loved on campus. One activity was about the necessary steps in having sex with a condom. 8-10 volunteers were given cards that contained different steps of the process, things like “ejaculate,” “thrusting,” “foreplay,” “take condom off,” “penis gets hard,” “put condom on,” etc, and the students had to arrange themselves so the steps were in the correct order. While now it seems silly and obvious, I remember at the time, some of it was definitely new information.”


“cry babies”

An exchange with a middle school teacher about a pregnancy prevention program in their school. The program gives dolls to students (a common pregnancy prevention effort).


[Teacher]: the kids get their babies today
he is demonstrating the baby
they are so freaking excited about it
it totally does not discourage teen pregnancy
oh and this is interesting
some are taking them over the weekend and some take them monday night
and the guy told me to decide who is more “at risk” and make them have it over the weekend

Me: do just girls get babies?

[Teacher]: no
boys too
some of them don’t want them though
they have to do a 2 page essay instead
which obviously you get to do in real life in case you get pregnant