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go for launch

I remembered an analogy from the church retreat sex ed class.

The elderly couple was talking about differences between males and females.  As they explained… Females are like space ships: there is a lot of prep work before a launch.  Sadly, I do not remember the example for males, but whatever it was, it involved being ready to go instantly.


“I don’t give it up”

“I pass this billboard every morning on my way to work:

Don't give it up

I’m not sure how I feel about it.  On one hand, it shows a strong woman who sticks to her principles.  On the other hand, it suggests that “giving it up” is an undesirable behavior, something that weak people do.  What about people in healthy relationships who choose to have sex? What about people who have already “given it up,” are they beyond hope?”

-From Liz, D.C. area


Sex is a gift

The closing ceremony for one abstinence education program*:

The lights are dimmed as students file in the room. It is the last day of a 3 week program. In the front of a room is a table with a beautiful setting – candles, flowers, etc. On the table is an exquisitely wrapped box.

Also at the front of the room, sitting off to the side, dejectedly: a beat up old cardboard box.

The presenter asks: Which would you rather give to husband or wife when you get married?

(*as relayed to me by teens who went through the program.)

What are the messages here?


Did you get it?

In the private school I attended, there was no “family life education” found in many public schools. We learned about the reproductive system in biology (in one class, I heard there was a very detailed video, maybe called The Miracle of Life).

In 8th grade, a group of high school students who were members of a group called STARS (I think) came and gave a presentation.  A group of us was herded in the common room. One of the STARS guy talked to us about why he was going to wait.  Sex was not discussed explicitly and I remember being somewhat confused about what was going on and why we were there. After some talks, they instructed us in a commonly-used group activity.

We each got a small plastic cup with liquid. We were told to walk around and share liquid with 3 other people in the room (pouring some of our liquid in someone’s cup and then that person pouring some back in ours).  Then, we were told that one person started with a cup that had something added to it. The activity leader went down the line adding a reactive agent to each cup.  Liquid began changing from clear to pinkish red.  The leader concluded by saying this is how easy STDs spread.


I heard of this activity being done in a high school (where I was working) and one astute student requested some plastic wrap to cover her cup. Her request was denied.