By Katie

Why a site about sex education?

I have always been fascinated with stories of how people learned about sex.  From school, church, parents, siblings, friends, books, the Internet – and the list goes on – there are many sources of information about sex. Some stories are funny, some are sad, and some are non-existent.

This page will be a place to share these stories. (Here is one of mine)  I also will be adding links to informative and not so informative websites, news articles, research papers, movie and book reviews, and anything else related to sex education.  Sex education is a contentious topic, but I think at the bottom line, people want children to have positive sexual experiences. When, why, and how that happens is where things get complicated.

I have my own opinions on the sex education debate, but I think respectful and thoughtful discussion (meaning talking and listening) is essential to find common ground.   Views and values about sex are deeply personal and may be influenced by many factors.  I hope this page will offer a venue for sharing stories that we may have told a hundred times or may never told anyone.  Sex education is serious but it also can be fun and funny.  It is okay to laugh about these things.  Humor is an important part of getting comfortable with talking about sex, and I believe healthy, open discussion about sex can lead to healthy and positive experiences.

This blog will contain topics that may be considered mature or adult.  Parental guidance is encouraged. Abusive or graphic language will not be tolerated.



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