How I learned about sex…

I was in 3rd grade and my mom called me into my parents’ bedroom. She said she had a video for me to watch, and that afterwards, I could ask her any questions I wanted.  She put the tape in the VCR and left the room, closing the door behind her.  It was a cartoon, but I didn’t figure out at first what it was about.

How I remember it: A man and a woman (skinny, tall) in a bath tub covered in bubbles.  They stood up and the bubbles were blown off the various body parts with a narrator explaining each part (these are breasts, this is a vagina, this is a penis). Then, the narrator described the action of two cats rubbing together, and there were two gray cats, rubbing against each other.

And that was sex– although at the time I do not think I knew what I had just seen. There was more in the video, but those are the two things I remember vividly.

I stopped and rewound the video and left my parents bedroom. My mom might asked when she saw me later if I had any questions, and I am sure I said no.  I went on with my 8 year old life as usual.


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